Here’s what people are saying about The End Is Near:

This place is great – very professional and pain-free. I took my daughter here (twice) and both times Anthony did a fabulous job. He is an expert and a lovely person and I would recommend him to anyone!

Kathryn R, 2020

Friendly, clean and professional service.

Christine S, 2020

omg, love this!! i was just there getting my first piercing, the guy was so nice, and the store was super cute. (it also smelled very good too haha) and although it’s not cheap, it’s a very great place to get your ears pierced! 🥰

Iris, 2020

Amazing! Anthony the piercer answered all my questions and downsized my industrial to an Anatometal 16g. He helped me even earlier than what my appointment was. And I got beautiful Neometal pieces for my earlobes. Great place, nice people in their small trusted studio with implant grade jewelry!

Mazal O, 2020

I always get my piercings here. I love Anthony he is my favorite. He is so kind and welcoming. He never steers me wrong. The place is clean and the staff is professional.

Yolanda, 2020

What a gem of a shop! The atmosphere is very welcoming and non-intimidating. I love that they specialize in piercings only so you’re confident that they’re honed in on their craft. Everything is kept immaculately CLEAN and the rooms are sanitized from top to bottom after every client. There was no crowd waiting to be helped because it’s by appointment only. So glad!! Anthony, my piercer, made me feel very comfortable and gave great recommendations. He took the time to make sure I was satisfied with the piercing placement and did a great job with explaining aftercare. I highly recommend The End is Near!

Samantha O, 2020

I came here because the place I went to to get my nipples pierced was just a total nightmare. I wish I would have found this place to get my nipples done instead. I wish I could remember his name but he was so patient with me funny and sweet in changing out my nipple piercing and inserting a longer bar due to the amount of swelling. You rock dude!!

Shanequa C, 2020

I worked with Anthony. Such a sweetheart and made me feel at ease the entire time.

Sierra H, 2020

I love the service I receive here.  Anthony is my favorite.  He is my go to piercer for me and my daughter.  I love the jewelry selection and the staff never steers you wrong.I got my nose pierced there and it healed great.

Yolanda B, 2020

Wonderful experience! Staff was knowledgeable and kind, and gave us a great rundown on what to expect and aftercare. Went with a group and all of our piercings look great!

Kayla W, 2020

Just got a conch piercing done by Anthony last week. Wish I could leave more than 5 stars!
There is a reason I’ll travel an hour on the subway to go here.
1) The place is meticulously clean. You feel like you’re getting pierced in a doctor’s office.
2) The staff is super knowledgeable and friendly. And if you’re new to piercings, the experience is not intimidating in the slightest.
The. Best. Hands. Down.

Katie C, 2020

Staff is amazing: professional, thorough, and careful. The location is super clean enforcing social distancing by scheduling 30 minute appointments, wearing masks and gloves, as well as sanitizing. Anthony walked my daughter and me through the entire process as well as the aftercare instructions. Our piercings are healing nicely, no issues to report after 2 weeks. Highly recommend The End Is Near!

Oksana K, 2020

Anthony was super personable and made me feel really comfortable. The shop is clean, modern, and does a great job of keeping everyone safe during these times. Can’t wait to come back and visit again!

Rachel S, 2020

Good vibes all around! My friend and I came in September; I got my conch pierced and my friend got her cartilage. Both guys were so nice and helpful during the process. The place is def COVID friendly; we were all wearing masks. The piercing process went well; very sterile, he walked us through everything he did! Definitely recommend this shop 🙂

Kara J, 2020

I brought my son in to have his earlobes pierced for the first time – everyone there was chill and friendly, putting him totally at ease, but at the same time totally professional. The place was immaculate, and he barely flinched during the whole procedure – Chris was terrific. We’ll definitely be back…for him, and for myself!

Jenny P, 2020

Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality

Fanny B, 2020

Great place! Super professional and clean.

Margaret G, 2020

What a wonderful experience! I went to The End Is Near on a whim for my first piercing in 7 years. The staff was very friendly and professional. There was a good selection of quality jewelry, everything was extremely clean, and they had great COVID policies in place. My piercer Jeff was awesome. I’d recommend this place to anyone looking for a piercing!

Danielle, 2020

I got a beautiful daith piercing done by Chris today. The jewelry is all beautiful, the employees in the shop are so friendly and knowledgeable. I’m going to continue to get pierced here and cannot recommend it enough. Thank you guys so much!!

April H, 2020

The guys were really nice and welcoming. They were super patient when I couldn’t decide what I wanted for jewelry. Also they were super careful for covid rules.  If you’re feeling weird about going out for leisure this is definitely a safe space! I didn’t touch one thing from the time I got there till I left… super clean!

Marjorie L, 2020

Wonderful experience! I loved the jewelry options. I also enjoyed pleasant conversation with Chris and Anthony while waiting and during the piercing process. Highly recommend!

Mackenzie S, 2020

Very clean!  Very professional!

Sandra R, 2020

Very professional and clean. The staff was very friendly and welcoming.

Kerresha J, 2020

Very professional and helpful and sanitary.

Monica A, 2020

I’ve had two experiences at TEIN, once in 2017 and again just today each time with earlobe piercings. Both times the experience was fantastic in terms of service, product selection (they have plenty of cute earrings, different sizes and styles), clealiness, and overall comfort. For my piercing today, Anthony was my piercer and he was awesome, I couldn’t have asked for better. He was super personable, professional, made sure to take the proper cleanliness and sterilization precautions but most importantly he took my mind off of being nervous just by being conversational and super pleasant! I definitely recommend The End is Near to anyone looking for piercings. Because they set the tone that they did on my first visit, it’s no surprise that I went back even though I don’t live in Brooklyn anymore…..just shows how far a person will travel for quality, thanks again Anthony! 😁👍

Nancy, 2020

I had a fantastic experience here getting my conch pierced! The jewelry is also beautiful and high quality and I can’t wait to buy more once my piercing heals.  Can’t recommend this place highly enough!

Annah, 2020

I’ve gotten two piercings here and everybody has been professional and friendly! I always feel taken care of.

Danielle, 2020

Went in and got another piercing alongside a mate who was getting their first ever! The staff were super supportive of them through the anxiety- knew exactly what to say, didn’t rush them, and stayed very flexible.They were awesome about Covid and cleanliness, and just so lovely.The facility is well kept, and they’ve got a nice array of tasteful (if slightly expensive) jewelry.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a first timer or a veteran.Thanks team!

Andrew, 2020

It was my 1st time coming here and it was absolutely amazing! Everything was clean and neat and just felt overall really good. Chris did my piercings and they came out absolutely perfect! I’ve read a ton of reviews about the prices being up there, and yes BUT with the beautiful jewelry and the wonderful service it was worth every penny. I can’t wait till I decide what else I want and come back

Yuliana, 2020

Got my septum pierced here and had a wonderful experience. Super professional, friendly, and thorough about the piercing process and aftercare. The amount of gloves he used was beyond what I could count, but appreciated! The procedure barely hurt and was perfectly positioned! My favorite jewelry pieces from here are outside of my price range, but they have lovely stuff. I will be going here for the remainder of my piercing and look forward to getting that vertical labret in next time!!

Perrine, 2020

Clean space, really nice guys.

Gustavo, 2020

Very professional environment that takes safety seriously, and the staff is kind and patient.

Lara A, 2020

Took our 6- year old daughter to get her ears re-pierced, they got infected last year from a different place.  The End Is Near was GREAT with her, and us.  Explained everything clearly, chose posts specific to her ear width, and did the piercing painlessly.  I couldn’t recommend them more highly.

Leigh G, 2020

Came early and didn’t realize I had to make an appointment BUT they were nice enough to take me as a walk in as they weren’t busy 😊 The place is nice and super clean! I came to get a second piercing above the ones on my lower part of my ear lobes!  I would absolutely recommend this little gem of a piercing parlor & would definitely consider coming back if I decide to get more ear piercings!

Katie Marie, 2020

Extremely professional and clean- I had a great time getting a piercing done here, and I highly recommend this place. The person who did my piercing was Chris, and he was extremely professional, kind, and funny.

Alaina, 2020

I had such a good experience with my last piercings at The End Is Near that when I wanted to get a conch piercing I didn’t even bother looking elsewhere. (It doesn’t hurt that I live super close.)  I recommend The End Is Near!
Angela W, February 2020
Super friendly, impeccably clean, comfortable spot to go to for whatever piercing you need. They answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the jewelry and/or piercing process. They explain aftercare clearly and ask you to come back about 4 weeks later to follow up on how the piercing is healing. They work safely and not rushed, and they have great music playing. I got “pricked” by Chris twice (I’m a returning customer) and he is the most chill dude ever and a great piercer. Go there!!!
Lise L, February 2020
Got my nose pierced! Super clean and professional! Great experience and they answered all my questions!
Elyssa P, February 2020
Friendly, amazing people. Would recommend to everyone!
Otar T, February 2020
I’ve been eying this spot for about a year and finally got around to pulling the trigger on a new ear piercing. And I’m so glad I did! I’ll never go anywhere else for piercings as long as I live in NYC. Since I’m incredibly indecisive and wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted, I stopped by on a Tuesday evening after work to take a look at jewelry and ask questions. Anthony was super helpful and patient while I deliberated between jewelry options and placement (and asked a LOT of questions) and helped me land on a beautiful opal conch piercing that I could not be more happy with! I feel like he really listened to what I was looking for. And I should mention too that they have a wide variety of options (which I love) but I never felt pressured in any one direction/price point, which is especially important to me any time I’m considering throwing down a good chunk of change. Would recommend to anyone.  Kudos!!
Taylor B, February 2020
The staff is always professional, patient, and kind. Everything is clean and sanitary. The selection of jewelry ranges from simple to intricately beautiful. 10/10 would (and do) recommend.
Anna A, February 2020
I got my naval pierced here today and had the BEST piercing experience. All of my other piercings (3 in my lobes and a nose ring) were all done with a piercing gun when I was younger and I wasn’t sure how well I would do because I’m terrified of needles but I felt relaxed and at ease the entire time. Definitely going back to get my helix pierced.
Cheyenne V, February 2020
Quick and painless ear lobe piercing. Great selection of jewelry. Have become a return client.
Nathalia P, February 2020
I love this place! They’ve pierced my ears, both my daughter’s ears, etc… Always courteous, safe, and friendly.
Danni V, February 2020
I went in for something very basic (decided to get my ear lobes pierced for the first time) and the staff was extremely professional, helpful, friendly and thorough. The space was clean and the jewelry was beautiful. Did I spend a little more than I was planning on, yes, BUT in my opinion very worth it. I’m actually kind of upset that the experience was so good because now I want to go back and get more done.
Amanda S, January 2020
Small, intimate. Very professional. No hard sell on jewelry. Piercer was fast, informative and helpful with recommendations on aftercare and a follow up to check healing. I have been going to Maria Tash in Manhattan but this place is much closer, less expensive and has better service. HIGHLY recommend!
Emmeline C, January 2020

Got my tragus pierced after reading up that in fact NO it will not make you paralyzed. Chris made me feel safe and confident in the placement and execution, and didn’t haggle on jewelry choice – actually made me feel good about my “cheap” choice. I’m always glad to support local businesses especially ones of beauty and self expression. Excited to start getting more piercings and utilizing their Friday BOGO stacked piercings exclusive while it lasts!

Judi S, January 2020
So so so happy with my new nostril piercing!  Chris placed it perfectly for my nose shape and preferences. Everything was very clean and I felt comfortable the entire time. Seeing other people’s horror stories online made me feel super grateful that I chose this place. It’s been two days and everything is healing perfectly! Thanks again!
Ashley S, December 2019
For my quarter-life crisis, I decided to FINALLY get my very first piercings ever.  After getting frustrated at all the exorbitant prices that piercing shops in the city were charging, I came up with the great idea of just looking in my own backyard – Park Slope, Brooklyn!  When this place popped up in my search back in June, they were actually celebrating their 14-year anniversary that weekend which meant an amazing promotion of $14 piercings AND 14% off jewelry. So I got both my ears pierced for $28 total and then the high quality titanium earrings for $100. What a steal!!
Chris was my piercer and did a pretty great job with everything. Apparently I do not have symmetrical ears (not uncommon, I embrace it) so I very much appreciated that he took the time and effort to carefully figure out/decide on the exact placement of both piercings. Good looking out bro.  Overall a great and painless experience, and pretty dang affordable.  It’s been just over 6 months now and I’m so excited to wear my first pair of hoops!
Heidi M, December 2019
Very good experience here. Just wanted a simple nose ring piercing done safely and sanitary. That’s just what I got. The price for the piercing itself is more than reasonable but do be aware that the price for the nose rings themselves can a bit pricey if you’re just choosing based on how they look. So don’t be afraid to ask for pricing. Other than that, I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting any type of piercing.
Tyrone S, December 2019
I went in for an appointment to receive a nipple piercing. Anthony was super professional and personable. His workspace was clean and the equipment was well sterilized. The whole process took less than ten minutes with minimal pain. The healing process has been very smooth so far with no swelling, soreness or irritation. I highly recommend him for your next piercing!
Santhy S, November 2019

I love these guys! They are extremely diligent, keep the utmost hygiene and well sterilized equipment, and they take the time to explain what they’re doing, what to expect, and give you the chance to ask all the questions you need to. They also give honest advice without trying to sell you expensive things. And they are kind and don’t make you feel self-conscious, even if you’re a newbie to piercings. All of them also have a sense of humor and make the whole experience very easy and pleasant. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Lily H, November 2019

Got my piercing around September. I’m so in love with it. They guy who did my piercing was super nice, super friendly, and definitely put me at ease. Wasn’t even scared for my piercing by the time we got to it. I would definitely recommend coming here if you want to get any type of piercing. The people are very informative and very nice.

Erica G, October 2019

These guys are really amazing! High recommend them as they are super chill and are super friendly.

Music X, October 2019

Did not get pierced, just went for jewelry, but they left a GREAT impression. Anthony helped me pick out septum jewelry and was kind, honest, and super helpful! Gave great recommendations and was very knowledgeable. They had a nice selection of jewelry as well.

Alexandra M, October 2019

Very helpful. I wanted to go in for a piercing for something that I thought was closing up but it turns out that that was not needed. It was just getting tighter. They helped me to push an earring through and that was it. Super quick.

Soo K, September 2019

Got my nostril and second helix piercing here. The guys were so great- I had my old stud from my first helix piercing, and I wanted to use it for my second helix. They looked at it, asked me where I bought it from, looked at the piercing place I had gotten my previous piercing, and were totally willing to let me use it because they were like “this place looks pretty reputable.” Which I thought was GREAT because 1) it was reputable, and 2) I didn’t want to go back to SF to get my second helix piercing which I would’ve considered versus paying for another bland titanium stud so 3) THANK YOU GUYS

Very informative, professional. My piercer checked on me the whole time, didn’t make me feel bad for taking so long to choose my nose piercing jewelry, and let me try out various looks by bringing the stud up to my nose. It felt really good to not feel pressured re: taking someone’s time.

Rosy H, August 2019

I visited this place for the first time on my birthday last September. Since my nose was already pierced, I just bought a new nose ring and they put in for me. I later returned in the spring to get a new piercing. The service was good. The guys were helpful. The black piercer who reminded me of Lenny Kravitz and Donald Glover in one knows what he’s doing. Though he doesn’t say much, there’s a level of professionalism he displays. He takes the time to talk to you about caring for the piercing and gives good advice about the metal and the design of each jewelry. I’m thinking about returning for my birthday this year again for another monumental piercing!

Nicole J, July 2019

Made an appointment for me and my friend at the beginning of the week and I’m so happy I’ve chosen this place to get our earlobe piercings done. The jewelry selection is pretty wide, the place is very clean. Anthony did an amazing job, that was a pleasant experience! I will definitely come back.

Elizabeth M, June 2019

Went in today to get a new earring for my helix piercing. The hoop I had recently put in was too small as well as painful. I was very nervous, as I have not had good experiences at other piercing places in the past. Anthony immediately put me at ease and was very helpful in solving my problem. The next time I get something done I will definitely be going here!

Katlyn S, May 2019