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Hello, and welcome to The End Is Near Body Piercing Studio. We are the most well-known piercing studio in the infamous Brooklyn, New York as well as its neighboring towns like Stamford. Our trained team, cutting-edge equipment, and experience make us the ideal location to get your piercing. We can answer all of your queries about where or what sort of piercing would be ideal for your planned target region. We have one of the world’s most comprehensive aftercare systems in place, which will assist speed up the healing process. Allow us to join you on your quest for the finest body piercing you’ve ever experienced.

Ear Piercing Company Near Stamford

Many people start piercing their ears at a young age, with the first being basic earlobe piercings. The End Is Near Brooklyn ear piercing shop can help you find the ideal ear piercing for your personality. A conch, for example, is located in the middle of the ear cartilage and is an excellent illustration of a multipurpose ear piercing. To create a subtle impression, a stud might be inserted. The traditional earlobe piercing is the most painless and fast-healing form of body modification. Another option is tragus piercing, which refers to a small flap that covers part of the ear canal and adds interest to any ear. Come see us today if you want more information on our ear piercing services.


Lip Piercing Company Near Stamford

The majority of lip piercings penetrate the top or bottom of the upper or lower lip only, with a few exceptions including vertical labrets and lowbret piercings. Upper lip piercings, lower lip piercings, and so-called “bites,” which are pairs or sets of four lip piercings, are the other types. The End Is Near lip piercing company is the greatest place to have your lips pierced. Our piercers are among the most experienced in the field, and our post care program can aid your recovery. Make an appointment with us right away.

Nose Piercing Company Near Stamford

The nose is one of the most popular areas for body modification. If you’re considering getting your nose pierced, it’s vital to understand all of your choices. The End is Near offers nose piercing procedures and products in addition to offering advice and guidance on how best to pierce your nostril. We may present you with traditional nose piercing or nostril piercing, which are both fashionable and adaptable. There are many distinct jewelry designs that allow for the use of studs, nostril screws, L-shaped pins, nose rings, circular barbells, and captive ball rings. Visit our store today to learn more about the numerous choices accessible to you.

Belly Button Piercing Company  Near Stamford

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular types of body modification. They’re generally safe, particularly if they’re done by specialists from The End is Near belly button piercing company. Because this piercing goes through the lip of skin above the belly button, it is usually safe for most individuals; however, a good flap of skin above the stomach is ideal for the piercer to position the jewelry through and for healing to properly take place. To ensure that your belly button heals properly, your piercer will carefully inspect it before beginning the procedure. Visit The End Is Near for a risk-free and professional belly button piercing experience.

Genital Piercing Company  Near Stamford

We provide a calm and sterile atmosphere for all types of piercings, including genital piercing, at the End is Near genital piercing company. Genital piercings are often done primarily as a kind of self-expression but may also serve to increase pleasure and offer added stimulation during intercourse. To ensure that your piercing is properly cared for and healed quickly, we provide an exceptional aftercare program. Visit us today to learn how genital piercings can enhance your experience. To talk about our wide range of genital piercing alternatives with you right now, please call us immediately.

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