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Find Out Why People From Ebbets Field Houses Come To Our Top Rated Body Piercing Studio

Many people travel from Ebbets Field Houses to get their piercing at The End Is Near because of our high quality, safe and trustworthy piercers. So make it a day and see what our lovely neighborhood has to offer. We are situated in chic and happening Park Slope, considered to be one of the most enviable neighborhoods in all of New York City. The End Is Near is a high end piercing studio. We offer premier body piercing, facial piercing, and genital piercing to suit your needs.  Our piercing studio is suitably located on bustling 7th Avenue inside a historic building that is more than a century old, with private residences upstairs and a couple of commercial establishments below. This gives our piercing studio a homey and private ambience right in the middle of one of the swankiest cosmopolitan neighborhoods in the city.

Ebbets Field Houses Piercing Shop Team

Our team of professional, artistic and highly experienced piercers can assist you with all the information you need as to location as well kind and type of piercing best suited for your preferred area. We also provide excellent after care service to ensure that your piercing is healing correctly. We want to make sure your body piercing experience is nothing short of perfect. Your body is a beautiful canvas just waiting to be transformed into one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.  Let us be your guide on this wonderful journey.

We know how our clientele values privacy and convenience, which is why at The End Is Near the satisfaction and convenience of our customers is our number one priority….one we hold very dear to our heart. We are a piercing shop open late so we can accommodate all our customers schedules.

Scheduling Your Piercing

Before scheduling make sure you understand the age requirements.

  • Ages 18+ Can get All Piercings.
  • Ages 16+ Can get All Piercings, excluding Nipples/Genitals.
  • Ages 5-16 Ear Lobes Only – No Exceptions.

To help us serve you to the best way possible, please provide us with information on how many people, including kids are in your group. If you are in a group please arrive early to make sure there is ample time to sterilize all the jewelry chosen as well as fit out the release forms.  By experience, groups with kids can be accommodated the best on weekday afternoons and evenings.  We are also more than happy to stay late any day so as to provide you with the best service possible.

Please allow 30 minutes per person getting pierced.

Here are all of our piercing policies for you to look over before coming in for your appointment.

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Our Piercing Process

Most of the initial piercings that we perform are done using titanium posts that feature interchangeable ends. Titanium is the best material since it is hypoallergenic and quite easy to care for.  However, depending on the placement and style of jewelry required, we also offer gold and surgical steel choices too.  Our experienced piercers will determine the length and gauge of the post that will provide the best results based on the area of the body in order to deliver the most painless and quickest healing time.  The style choice we leave to you. The End is Near offers an excellent array of options ranging from the simplest of expressions to the most opulent jewelry possible.

The Healing Process

Your body piercer will provide you with verbal and written instructions on how to care for your piercing. We do recommend that you call or visit the studio if you have any questions or concerns throughout the healing period. Our piercers can provide you the best advice on when your piercing is ready for a jewelry change or just a little more TLC.

Why People From Ebbets Field Houses Choose Us?

At The End Is Near our specialty is to provide the best body piercing experience possible to all our clientele. Our excellent service and schedule is the most flexible anywhere. We are also very easy to find. If you live in or are visiting Brooklyn just type in on your phone “piercing shops near me”  or type The End Is Near piercing parlor and it will give you detailed directions on where to find the studio.  If this is the first time you are going to have a body piercing we can imagine the worst when confronted with the unknown, however when it comes to piercings it is always the anticipation that is usually the most painful part of the process. We are not like other piercing parlors out there, we take great pride in the skill and years of experience of our professional piercers. The piercing process itself is mostly surprisingly benign, only a quick pinch that lasts less than a second, sometimes accompanied by a warm sensation in the area, that’s all.  Our piercers will guide you all throughout the procedure so that that you always know what is happening in order to ensure that you have the most pleasurable and satisfying piercing experience possible.

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High End Body Jewelry Shop Ebbets Field Houses

The End is Near serving Ebbets Field Houses is the ultimate place to find the most appropriate body jewelry for piercing. We provide an array of jewelry choices ranging from the simplest to the most extravagant.  Our body jewelry shop prides itself on offering our customers only the highest quality body jewelry that is safe to use on all kinds of body piercings.  All our metals are tested by a laboratory in order to ensure that they comply  with the highest industry standards for safety and do not contain even traces of nickel and other alloys that are known to cause severe allergic reactions.

Selecting the right kind of body jewelry can sometimes be a bit of a challenge if you are not familiar with what body piercing size you should have. Our body piercers can assist you on the size of piercing best for a particular area of the body. All body jewelry at The End Is Near feature accurate descriptions such as size, length, gauge and materials so as to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Your convenience is our top priority. You can buy our jewelry online or if you want pick it up in store or have it shipped to you at your home in Ebbets Field Houses.

Facial Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Heavily influenced by Asian and African cultures, facial piercings have become increasingly popular since the 1970s as a means of  self-expression.  While still considered provocative these days, facial piercing is for people that like to live on the edge. There are literally dozens of different piercings that you can get in order to provide a stunning accent to your favorite facial features.  If you have expressive eyes you can show it off with a nicely done piercing on your eyebrow. A bridge piercing is the one to get if you want attention directed to the center of your face. Want to accent those luscious lips?  Try a medusa or a labret piercing that best suits you. Have a distinct desire to wear jewelry on the sides of your cheek? No problem because with facial piercing you can do all that and more here at The End Is Near.

Facial piercings are a great means of modifying the features of your face. If you have ever been into face and body art, then a facial piercing Ebbets Field Houses can be something to add to your repertoire. Keep in mind though that facial piercings are considered to be the most prominent type of piercings that you can get. This type of piercing is recommended for people that want the piercing to be immediately seen.  It is for this reason that it is totally worth considering a kind of facial piercing that works best with your lifestyle in Ebbets Field Houses. At The End Is Near our experienced and professional piercers can recommend the best area on your face to have the piercing done.  If there is a need to hide your facial piercings at school or at work then it is recommended to invest in piercing retainers. Crafty use of piercing retainers can make virtually most facial piercings seem invisible. This allows you to have more freedom to get the piercings you want and hide them if there is a necessity to do so.

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Ear Piercings Ebbets Field Houses

One of the most popular areas culturally and aesthetically to have a facial piercing, ear piercings Ebbets Field Houses are widely accepted and may be done on kids as long as there is permission from a parent. The cool thing about ear piercings is not only that there are dozens to choose from, they also heal relatively quickly and almost no stress is placed on the immune system during the healing period.  Since each person’s ear is uniquely shaped and therefore varies from person to person, it is recommended to choose a piercing that is best for your type of ear anatomy. Our experienced piercers here at The End Is Near can provide you with advice on placement for best results.

Nose Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Do you think a nose ring is something for you? They are a perfect means for accenting the natural shadows and impression of your nose.  Nose piercings are normally comprised of a stud on the right or left side of your nose. A bridge piercing is a type of piercing that rests in between your eyes, going through the bridge of your nose while nasallang piercings typically goes into one half of the nose and then out the other using some barbell-type of jewelry.  The septum is the middle bar of skin that fades into your jestrum. A septum piercing is a type of piercing comprising horizontal or vertical rings that pass through the inner part of the nose.

Septum Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Septum piercing is a type of piercing that passes through the nasal septum – a piece of cartilage that separates the nostrils. In this type of piercing the cartilage itself is usually spared as there is a soft spot found in between the lower and upper section of the nasal septum cartilage. Known to Ebbets Field Houses piercers as the “sweet spot” this area is quite soft and therefore very easy to pierce. The actual piercing is normally performed towards the front area of the nose in order to let the jewelry to hang freely. The type of jewelry associated with septum piercings are the ball closure rings and circular barbell jewelry.

Tongue Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

A tongue piercing is one of the more popular kinds of piercings done. Prior to getting a tongue ring there is a need to educate your self on the risks and safety measures associated with this piercing in order to ensure you properly take care of it afterwards. Our professional piercers can help and educate you on the procedure and how to care of it once completed. A typical tongue piercing is normally done using 14-gauge high-grade titanium, or gold barbell measuring 7/8-inch. Keep in mind that is the size of an initial tongue piercing; once the healing process is complete the length of the barbell may still be shortened.

Lip Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

There is nothing like lip piercing to accent those luscious lips.  There is no doubt that the lips are the most sensual part of the face aside from the eyes. At The End is Near we can help you make those beautiful lips standout with the right lip piercing and body jewelry to go with it.  To put it simply, a standard lip piercing is a single, off-centered piercing of the lower or upper lip normally carried out using  14 or 16 gauge. The most popular jewelry for this kind of piercing are captive bead rings or labret studs and circular barbells. We can advise you on the best placement depending on the features of your lips in order to get the best results.

Tragus Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Simply put, tragus piercing is performed on the anatomic area of your ear that covers the ear canal. The anti-tragus area is the other portion of the ear that holds the inner ear where your headphones lie. Both areas are actually perfect for studs and rings of all sorts and sizes. Tragus piercing is considered a very subtle form of body modification. While most tragus earrings are considered low key, you can select designs that are sure to dazzle anyone.  Due to the eccentric location, industrial piercings and dangling jewelry are very difficult to place in a stylistic way because the ear lobe is always in the way. Despite this, this area is quite noticeable and an excellent location to showcase jewelry.

Eyebrow Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

If you want a piercing to accent your entire face and not just one area, then eyebrow piercing is considered the best choice. This type of facial piercing has the uncanny ability to balance out every known feature of your face without necessarily gathering attention to the piercing only. You can choose between horizontal and vertical eyebrow piercings. Regardless of what you select, they both roughly produce the same impact on everyone so it is definitely up to you to choose which one best suits you.  An anti-eyebrow piercing normally rests just on top of the cheekbone, below the eye. Due to the location, they tend to heal just a bit longer than the normal eyebrow piercings but the results are both fabulous.

Snakebites Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Chic, hard-core and sensual are just some of the words used to describe this very unique lip piercing. Snakebites piercing is chic because it has been quite fashionable to sport one since the beginning of the year, sensual because it exudes a distinctly enticing yet refreshing look on the sexiest part of your face and definitely hard-core for the avant-garde look it creates not just on the lips but the entire face too.  It is called snakebite piercing due to the distinct fang-like look it provides the wearer. These are essentially a couple of symmetrically placed lower lip piercings, one on each side of the lip.  Want something truly unique and sensual at the same time? Ask our piercer about getting snakebites piercing.

Labret Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Any kind of piercing performed on the lower lip, or the labrum is known as labret piercing. Labret piercings are considered a sign of sheer dedication and endurance because of the excessive care and self-control required in order to wear jewelry on this area of the lips.  Culturally, for thousands of years this piercing was used to determine tribe affiliation, social status and gender. Normally comprising of a single stud, but any piercing on this area may be called a labret piercing.  Labret piercings may be performed up near the edge of the lip or if you prefer, further down, depending on your personal preference or what suits best depending on your lip shape.

Daith Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Daith piercing is a kind of piercing normally performed on the daith section of the ear, which is essentially a small area of cartilage located in the inner ear.  The daith is located midway on the ear, just on top of the ear canal.  This is quite a small area and is considered very difficult to reach comfortably due to how small the area is and how it curves around the ear.  Culturally, daith piercing has been around for thousands of years and is often associated with traditional and religious practices. There are also healing properties associated with this type of piercing most especially for relieving migraine headaches.

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Body Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Virtually any part of your anatomy may be pierced, however it is important to consider your distinct individual anatomy prior to getting a body piercing Ebbets Field Houses. All of us are unique individuals and therefore, no body is exactly the same. The uniqueness of our bodies mean that not all piercings come out the same. For instance,  upper ear piercings and piercings to intimate areas are quite dependent on the individual shape of the part being pierced. You have the freedom to select not only the placement that will produce the best outcomes but also the kind of jewelry that has the best chance of healing as well. If this is your first foray into body piercing, The End Is Near serving Ebbets Field Houses highly recommends that you speak with any of our talented and experienced professional body piercers before ultimately deciding on what to pierce.

Our professional body piercers will not only perform the procedure correctly and up to par with professional standards of hygiene but also make sure that you are informed well of the correct after care methods for your particular piercing. Prior to getting body piercing it is important that you know if you are sensitive to certain metals or not.  Our piercing professionals will walk you through the process to ensure your piercing goes safely and perfectly.

Your lifestyle is also an important factor to consider if you are thinking of having some body piercing work done. Will your new piercing be practical for your day-to-day living? Every day stuff such as clothing and work dress codes may cause issues with certain kinds of body piercings. For instance, if you wear a helmet or headphones for work it may make it difficult for upper ear piercings to heal completely. Regardless, most of these issues can be overcome with careful placement of the piercing and the right type of jewelry. Call or speak to any of our body piercing experts so we can help you get the body piercing you want and that is best for you.

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Nipple Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

When it comes to nipple piercing the benefits are both visual and sexual. As a matter of fact, many experts believe that there are psychological benefits that come with having an intimate part of your body pierced such as the nipple and this may be key to achieving a healthy and enjoyable sex life. Nipples may be pierced in many different ways but the most popular is horizontal. You can also opt to have multiple piercings via the same nipple to achieve a more hardcore look. However, not all nipples may be pierced due to differences in anatomy, which is why you need to speak to our professional piercers first. Nipples may be pierced with rings or straight bars or barbells.

Navel Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Navel piercing became a pop culture phenomenon after Aerosmith’s video “cryin” was released in 1993 when Alicia Silverstone’s was shown having her navel pierced. After that, Madonna was photographed extensively with her navel jewelry. Keep in mind though that not all navels can be pierced and this is due again to differences in anatomy. The tricky part is healing the piercing as not all navels are shaped for this. In order to have a good navel piercing Ebbets Field Houses you need to have a protruding lip of skin either on top or on the bottom of the navel, with adequate space behind the flap for the jewelry to comfortably sit.

Nostril Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Nostril piercing or nose piercing are piercings performed through the thinnest section of the nose, just on top of the curve of the nostril.  This piercing is one of the most popular the world after ear piercings. The piercing may be done on either side of the nose and the great thing about this is you can wear virtually any kind of jewelry such as the ever popular hoops, studs, circular barbells and many more. There are different types of nostril piercings available such as high nostril piercing, bridge piercing, and septum and septril piercings, to name a few. Our professional piercer can help you choose the right nostril piercing for you.

Scrotum Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Scrotum piercing is really an intriguing concept and a very rare one too. The reason being is the fact that they are quite tricky to maintain and pose a lot of health risks too. However, it is not impossible to have if you truly wish to get a genuine anal piercing.  In reality, most scrotum piercings are done in the area called the perineum. It is the section that surrounds the scrotum region. This type of piercing are actually Guiche piercings, which is done on the perineal area, sometimes very low and near the scrotum.  If you truly wish to have a piercing done in this area do consult with our professional piercers to get the best results.

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Genital Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Genital piercings are piercings performed in the genital regions of both men and women. There is a wide variety of genital piercings that you can choose from. Since each anatomy is different and genital piercings Ebbets Field Houses are quite dependent on the individual person’s anatomy, it is recommended to consult with our professional piercers to determine which type can produce the best results for you.  Our knowledgeable piercers can help determine the best genital piercing for your preferences and anatomy.

Since the genital region normally has a lot of blood supply, healing from genital piercings is quick and easy. If you are thinking of getting a genital piercing, the area that is pierced should be kept dry, cool and clean. We do recommend that you abstain temporarily from any sexual activity until the piercing has completely healed. After care of genital piercings are quite simple, as long as the above conditions are met. All you really require is a simple cleaning saline solution. During the healing process, do always watch out for any signs of infection and have them treated right away. Call us or drop by our studio anytime so we can assess the healing.

Genital piercings are done either for aesthetic purposes or for the purpose of increasing sexual pleasure or both. Do consider your lifestyle first before getting a genital piercing. Since individual preferences are unique, our professional piercers can help you decide which one fits your lifestyle and preferences the best.  For female genital piercing the most popular type is the clitoral hood, sometimes erroneously called clit piercing. For men, the most popular is the Prince Albert piercing. The key to healthy male and female genital piercings is the right placement of the piercing and the right jewelry to go with it. Keeping the area, clean, dry and cool can hasten recovery.

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Clit Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Clit piercing is a type of piercing that passes through the female clitoris and is only really possible provided the clitoris is big enough.  This kind of piercing is quite uncommon and is often mistaken for clitoral hood piercing, calling it clit piercings.  Since the size and shape of the clitoris is different for women, some might not be able to get this piercing don. In clit piercing Ebbets Field Houses, the clitoris is pierced either horizontally or vertically depending on the preference. Jewelry for clit piercing are curved barbells, circular barbells and ball closure rings. Due to the very good blood supply in the area, the piercing usually heals very well.

Prince Albert Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Regarded as one of the most popular and quickly healing male genital piercings. The Prince Albert or PA piercing enters the male urethra via the underside of the glans and then exits through the urethra. Most men that have had this piercing done report that this is the least painful of male genital piercing but this can vary depending on individual anatomy and pain threshold.  Jewelry used for this piercing include curved barbells and ball closure rings. The jewelry you ultimately choose will of course also depend on your individual anatomy. This piercing heals very fast provided the area is always kept clean, dry and cool.  It is recommended to wear loose underwear and to temporarily abstain from any sexual activity during the healing process.

Jacob’s Ladder Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

The Jacob’s ladder piercing is a series of piercings performed up the underside of the penile shaft in order to create a ladder like look.  This kind of piercing is considered hardcore and is usually done in order to improve sexual pleasure not just for them but also for their partners. Once we determine how many piercings you prefer and after checking your anatomy to determine if there is enough room for the piercings, picking out the jewelry is the next step. Usually, a 12 or 10 gauge titanium barbell with a little extra length in order to compensate for swelling is used.  As with any other type of genital piercing,  your anatomy will play a major role on how many frenum piercings or “rungs” of the ladder may be performed.  The average in Ebbets Field Houses is around 2 to 3 but some can get as many as 10.

Christina Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

A Christina Piercing is a type of female genital piercing that passes through the top of the clitoral hood and then exits via the surface of the pubic mound. The individual anatomy of the woman plays a big role in determining whether someone can have this kind of piercing or not.  It is very difficult to do on women that have a very smooth pubic area.  For the jewelry, a surface piercing bar, curved barbell or ball closure ring is used for the Christina piercing.  Healing is fairly quick but may be dependent on good placement. Avoid irritation by underwear or getting knocked in order to minimize the possibility of rejection.

Penis Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Penis piercing is a general term to refer to male genital piercing.  Men who request for penis piercing do so most often in order to increase sexual pleasure for them and their partners. Some of the types of penis piercing include Prince Albert, Frenum and Apadrayva and Ampalllang piercings. The person’s individual anatomy plays a major role in determining whether or not a type of genital piercing may be performed. Factors include the nature of the area, tissue as well as the choice of jewelry. Since the area has a rich blood supply, healing is relatively quick. Special care must be done after the piercing in order to prevent infection.

Reverse Prince Albert Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

The reverse Prince Albert Piercing is performed by making a midline vertical piercing that passes from the urethra upward through the top of the glans.  In principle, the Reverse Prince Albert Piercing is a part of another male genital piercing called the Apadrayva, which is essentially a piercing that passes through and through the head of the penis vertically. The piercing method and jewelry for the reverse PA will depend largely on whether or not it is done as a single piercing or an extension of an already present Prince Albert piercing.  This piercing is requested by men in Ebbets Field Houses who want to offer good g-spot stimulation for their partner but do not prefer a usual Prince Albert type piercing.

VCH Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

VCH piercing also known as vertical clitoral hood piercings are one of the most popular female genital piercings. The main reason why women request for the piercing is to add pleasure during sexual activities. Most women anatomically have a clitoral hood that is either partially or completely covering the clitoral glans. With VCH piercing, you can expect the jewelry to rest beneath the hood on top of the clitoris. Therefore, when there is pressure or friction or general motion in that area, the result is a more direct clitoral stimulation, due to the jewelry that is in direct contact with it.

Frenum Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Frenum piercing is one of the more versatile forms of genital piercing and is second in terms of popularity compared to the Prince Albert. It got its name from shortening of the anatomical term frenulum – the fibrous cord of connecting tissue on the underside of the penis, where the piercing is performed. This skin connects the glans to the foreskin and the majority of it is removed during the circumcision process. What remains is what is essentially pierced for those that have already been circumcised. The conventional frenum piercing is done horizontally on the underside of the penis approximately a half an inch down the shaft from where the Prince Albert is done.  It is placed opposite the groove where the head or corona joins the shaft.

Labia Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Labia piercing is divided into inner labia and outer labia piercing, The inner labia or labia minora refer to the hairless folds of skin that extends from the bottom of the clitoral hood, within the thicker outer labia and encircling the opening of the vagina. Inner labia piercings pass through this. They are considered more pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint than stimulating, because there is no direct contact with the clitoris. However, the movement of the jewelry is considered a turn-on for many. The outer labia piercing is done on the thicker, hair covered folds of skin called the labia majora most often referred to as the outer lips.

Clitoral Hood Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Clitoral hood piercing refers to the piercing performed on the tissue that covers the clitoris and is normally pierced vertically. You can also find horizontal clitoral hood piercings as well but are not as common as the vertical type. This piercing is often incorrectly referred to as “clit piercing” however it does not pass through the clitoris itself.  Most women may be good candidates for this type of piercing but there are instances when the hood is too small.  For the jewelry, curved barbells and ball closure rings are recommended but will still depend on your what works best for your particular anatomy.

Triangle Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

The triangle piercing is another female genital piercing type where the piercing is performed underneath the clitoral shaft, in the area between the urethra and clitoris. Triangle piercings do not pass deeper than the clitoris but only below it. The recommended jewelry for this piercing are curved barbells and ball closure rings but a majority of women prefer the ball closure ring. It is considered the crème de la crème of female genital piercings. Stimulation is done through the application of gentle pressure to the underside of the clitoral shaft.  In order for this piercing to be done, the clitoral shaft needs to be protruding out and way from the body in order for the jewelry to be inserted snugly beneath.

Apadravya Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Apadravya piercing is a form of vertical piercing performed through the penile head. The placement is usually through the glans near the corona and exits where a Prince Albert piercing would be. The jewelry used is a barbell type and may be quite capable of stimulating the g-spot and increasing pleasure and sensation for both. Most men request this piercing for the sexual gratification. It is as old as the Kama Sutra as there is a reference in that book that discusses this piercing. An iron cross or magic cross is created when the same person has both horizontal and vertical piercings of the glans.

Fourchette Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Fourchette in French means “little fork,” the piercing is performed in the perineum, similar to the Guiche in the male. However, this piercing is more comfortable and practical for women as the orientation of the female genitals is vertical.  In Fourchette piercing Ebbets Field Houses it can frame the lip of tissue at the back area of the vagina. The lower portion of the piercing is done between the anus and vagina, and should be situated at last ½” north of it. Women who had a midline episiotomy due to childbirth are not good candidates for this piercing because of the scarring.  Women that do not possess a sizable natural lip of skin in this area are also not good candidates.

Ampallang Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Ampallang piercing refers to the horizontal piercing through the glans. The piercing is said to have originated from the Dyaks in Borneo. As part of their culture, Dyak boys upon reaching manhood undergo a rite of passage celebrated with the placement of the palang or crossbar horizontally through the penile head. Today, the Ampallang piercing is rarely done for traditional reasons but more to increase sensation and pleasure for both the man and the woman.  Depending on the penetration angle, it could potentially stimulate the g-spot of the woman. Placement of the piercing can vary and one is not normally better than the other but many men have discovered faster healing times when placed through the urethra.

Foreskin Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Foreskin piercing can only be done on uncircumcised men. As the name implies, the piercing passes through the penile foreskin. While many genital piercings have specific anatomic prerequisites, the only requirement for this is the foreskin. Foreskin piercings may be done singly or in multiples with the latter being used for infibulation but it is generally best to wait for full healing first. Pain from this procedure is minimal and healing is expected to take around 8 to 10 weeks.  A 10 gauge captive bead ring is usually suited for the initial piercing as anything less may not stand up to mild to moderate sexual activity.

Dydoe Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

In dydoe piercing, the piercings pass via the ridged edge of the head of the penis otherwise known as the coronal ridge. This piercing is normally done in pairs. The dydoe in general is not performed  a lot because it has anatomic prerequisites plus the wearer also must have very flared glans in order to attempt one.  This piercing is also not recommended for uncircumcised clients. Regardless, if the wearer is able to adhere to the anatomic prerequisites and even after following careful after care guidelines, there is a small chance that the piercing could migrate out during and after healing.

HCH Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

HCH or horizontal clitoral hood piercing is a piercing performed through the hood and on top of the clitoris in a horizontal manner. The piercing is normally done with a ring and preferably,  the bead from the ring will rest against the clitoris, offering a stimulating sensation for the wearer. In HCH, there is an anatomic prerequisite in order to have this done and that is the hood should be able to protrude out far enough so that the ring is allowed to stay flat when the legs of the wearer are closed. One way to check if your anatomy is ok for this piercing is to stand up straight, legs closed, look down on the hood. If it is visible, chances are you are a good candidate. Talk to our professional piercers to know more.

Lorum Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

In Lorum piercing, the piercing is done at the natural dividing line between the shaft of the penis and the scrotal sac.  It is actually a close relative of the frenum piercing and is also quite similar to scrotum piercing too.  The tissue where the piercing is done is very stretchy and can vary considerably depending on the temperature and level of sexual arousal.  Due to the variable and stretchy nature of the tissue it is important that the piercer check the spacing of planned marks prior to the actual piercing as the skin can dramatically expand when you warm up.

Pubic Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Pubic piercing is performed on the top side of the base of the penis, where the penile shaft meets the torso. It is requested more for providing pleasure to the partner rather than the wearer himself. Its intention is to hit the clitoris, during sexual contact. The placement of pubic piercings vary and they may be done anywhere from on top of the shaft similar to a topside frenum piercing, done with a barbell to slightly back from the base, on top of the “fold,” and in the more fattier tissue of the torso, most often done using a surface bar. The ideal location is dependent as to the most stimulating spot for the partner.

Princess Albertina Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

The Princess Albertina piercing is basically the female version of the male Prince Albert piercing. In this piercing, the ring enters the urethra and then exits through the bottom approximately 3/8 “ back from the urethral meatus and then rests in the vaginal canal opening. As it sits snugly in between the inner labia, it does not interfere with any other female genital piercings that the wearer may have or want. Due to the positioning of the jewelry, vaginal penetration places pressure on the ring letting it rotate and then stimulating the nerves in the urethra. Women who have gotten the piercing found it very arousing often in words they cannot describe.

Hafada Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Hafada piercing refers to a scrotal piercing wherein the piercing is performed on the side of the scrotum near its top.  Our experienced body piercers can help assist you on the best location for the piercing so as not to rub against your underwear. For jewelry, barbells, circular barbells and ball closure rings may be worn using this kind of genital piercing. The healing process is relatively quick as long as the area is kept clean and dry. Use of non-restrictive underwear is recommended as well as abstention from sexual activity until such time that the piercing has healed completely.

Isabella Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

Isabella Piercing is an extreme form of female genital piercing.  It is an extremely deep clitoral shaft piercing that begins just below the clitoris and just above the urethra, and it then goes through the clitoral shaft, finally exiting at the top of the hood.  Since this type of piercing intersects the shaft of the clitoris, it is very high risk for nerve damage and therefore quite extremely rarely done.  Also, the wearer needs to have anatomic prerequisites in order to have this done. The nerve damage may result due to piercing a clitoris that is quite small or as a result of piercing through the clitoral shaft and through the dorsal nerve. Excessive bleeding resulting to blood loss may occur as a result of this piercing.

Guiche Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

A Guiche piercing is a type of scrotum piercing that is placed along the perineal area in the space between the anus and the back of the scrotum. Piercing location is very important as a correctly placed Guiche can provide good stimulation to the wearer. The best placement for this type of piercing is the area of the prostate where the tug of the weight of the jewelry can provide the best sensation. Ask our piercers to assist you in finding the best spot for this piercing. The sensation can be quite sensual and may be fun for your partner to play around with as long as it has fully healed.

Nefertiti Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

The Nefertiti piercing is a relatively new piercing first done at the end of the 1990s as a modification for the riskier Isabella piercing.  It is effectively an extension of the Christina piercing, which runs from below the clitoral hood upward to the end of the pubic bone. The placement is on the pubic mound, while the bottom lies just on top of the clitoris and beneath the clitoral hood. It can be seen as a blend of the VCH and the Christina piercing with a considerably lengthier piercing canal.  It takes normally around 3 to 4 months for this piercing to heal.

Glans Piercing Ebbets Field Houses

In glans piercing the piercing passes through the glans penis.  It is a type of male genital piercing that includes the Ampallang, where the piercing passes horizontally, the Apadrayva, a piercing that passes through the glans in a vertical fashion. You also have the Prince Albert piercing where it is situated on the underside of the penis instantly behind the glans. The reverse Prince Albert piercing calls for the piercing to pass through the dorsal or topside of the glans. Lastly, the dydoe, which passes through the coronal rim of the glans. All glans penis piercing types produce increased sensation to the male and the partner during intercourse.

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