Meet The Piercers at Our Brooklyn Piercing Studio

Anthony Zotto
After apprenticing with Nick Holes and then piercing on Long Island for five years, Anthony has made the leap to Brooklyn. You can now find him here at TEIN slinging bling and wearing a growing collection of sarcastic t-shirts. His favorite piercing to perform is the Conch and he may show you pictures of his dog.
Jeff Haskin
Starting in 2010, Jeff spent the early years of his career in the greater NYC area freelancing at various studios. In 2015, he moved to Charleston, SC, where he worked for two years before moving back to the northeast and settling in NJ. Since then he’s spent time as a traveling piercer, doing work in the Pacific Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, and tri-state areas, but can now be found slinging bling at TEIN. He’s on the more technical side of things but will very often talk about sci-fi and cult classic film genres as well as his adventures in the southern states.
It was back in 2007 when Jaymes started putting lil’ sparkles & shines in new piercings. With a strong belief in having as much fun as possible, Jaymes loves getting to be a part of manifesting his clients’ visions for their own piercings. Jaymes spends his work days geeking out with clients and coworkers about dope piercings, fancy jewelry and inspiring stories. He is a retired sneaker-head and reformed emo-kid who has a pretty awesome hip-hop vinyl collection, an obsession with basketball and the best hound dog named Wu Tang.