Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Dyker Heights, an Italian neighborhood in Southwest Brooklyn, is a beautiful and now affluent place to live. Even the tiniest of homes here are lavishly decorated, and the streets are immaculately clean. Everybody knows everyone else, so it really does feel like a little town around here. There are a variety of places to buy groceries on 13th ave, including LaBella, Bova, and B&A, as well as LaBella. They can be heard every day at midnight and noon across the entire neighborhood. To have the best of both worlds, this location is ideal for those who want to be close to New York City while still maintaining a sense of privacy that this haven so much provides to its dwellers and visitors alike. One thing that certainly cannot go unnoticed is the large number of wealthy Lebanese, Chinese, and Greek residents here in Dyker Heights.

Despite the fact that maps show 65th street as the border, most people believe Bay Ridge Avenue to be it. Affluent, largely Chinese, professionals live in the area between 65th Street and Bay Ridge Avenue. Shopping malls and car dealerships are plentiful in this neighborhood. It’s a primarily middle-class neighborhood between Bay Ridge Avenue and Bay Ridge Parkway, with a small number of upper-middle-class inhabitants of Chinese descent. There are a few shops on 11th Avenue and Dyker Heights Boulevard, but most of the area is residential (13th Ave). Affluent families prefer to live in Dyker Heights because of the peace and tranquillity it offers. This is especially true between Bay Ridge Parkway (75th Street) and the nearby golf course (86th Street). Most of them are Italian, although there are also Lebanese and Greek among them. From 76th to 85th streets, you’ll find peaceful residential neighborhoods populated mostly by well-off residents. It is also quite safe to live in Dyker Heights and if you’re looking to raise a family, the neighborhood is an excellent area to do so.

Dyker Heights is home to a stunning 18-hole golf course that adds to the neighborhood’s overall charm making the neighborhood have a distinct golf club kind of vibe. There is no subway service in Dyker Heights, but that’s a perk for locals, who see it as a benefit. The roads have all been repaved in this affluent neighborhood making the commute from one end of the town to another quite easy. That is Dyker Heights for you!

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Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY
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