The Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass alias DUMBO is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York known for its trendy atmosphere and indie shops. Dumbo is not too big, but there are plenty of great places to visit. 

Dumbo is a great place to find some fun and affordable vintage items, as well as trendy clothes. There are so many indie businesses in this area of New York City that it’s hard not finding what you’re looking for. 

The creative energies of Dumbo are reflected in its eclectic architecture and the cobblestone streets that remain from this neighborhood’s industrial days. Dumbo’s span is what gives this creatively oriented neighborhood much of its character. 

Today, Dumbo is one of New York City’s most popular tourist destinations. It features art galleries and independent bookshops as well as boutiques with temptation at every turn. Visitors often explore this neighborhood after taking in the breathtaking views from Brooklyn Bridge Park across town – it’s not hard to see why so many people love settling into their new homes here. 

The perfect and fun way to end your family day out is with an exciting adventure at St. Ann’s Warehouse, where you can see cutting-edge theater that will make even the most stubborn parent think twice about their childhood insecurities. 

The best way to experience DUMBO is by foot. As soon as you exit the train or boat at Brooklyn Bridge Park station, make your way over one of NYC’s most beautiful intersections—between Washington Street and Water Street with an incredible view that includes both the Manhattan skyline in front while also including part if not all three rivers (Hudson River being third) visible behind it.

DUMBO, or Brooklyn’s newest hotspot for foodies and tech start-ups alike, is where you can find a little bit of everything. With multiplex Empire Stores that feature its very own market hall (Time Out Market) as well as a SoHo House aka Dumbo house located right here in the neighborhood – it’s no wonder this thriving area has become so popular among tourists from all over.

 The best way to experience Brooklyn is by taking a culinary tour, and what better place than DUMBO. Not only does this neighborhood have two iconic New York institutions: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria & Juliana’s French Bakery, founded by legendary pizza maker Patsy Scala – it also has an incredible brunch scene. 

DUMBO is known for its bars, and these drinking establishments have been a staple of the neighborhood since it was founded in 1847. Beer lovers will be pleased with Evil Twin’s newest location that offers 20 rotating taps as well an excellent selection of reds or whites by the glass at Olympia Wine Bar.

 DUMBO’s Address: Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

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