Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY

Clinton Hill, located in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, is often considered to be among the city’s most desirable neighborhoods, and for good reason. Clinton Hill, which does not lack any amenities, goes a long way toward ensuring that life in this more than fantastic neighborhood is of top-notch quality by going to great lengths to provide for its residents. The neighborhood has over the years gradually and steadily attracted individuals with high upper middle incomes who are single as well as young families. This is due to the neighborhood’s amazing shopping and dining experiences, as well as its numerous public parks and many high-rise apartment buildings.

If you are concerned about the standard of education offered in this wealthy neighborhood, you should put those concerns to rest immediately because Clinton Hill is home to several of the most prestigious elementary schools in the entirety of the borough of Brooklyn; public and private alike.

In 1832 Clinton Avenue was laid out as a boulevard along the border of the hill. By the 1840s, both Clinton Hill and its neighbor Fort Greene, were popular neighborhoods for Brooklyn’s wealthy who would commute to Manhattan via stagecoach to the Fulton Ferry. Clinton Hill was originally designed as a rural getaway for those who were determined to escape the bustle and closeness of city life.

Today, the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn is widely regarded as one of the most desirable places to live, making it one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire borough. This impacts nearly every facet of existence and the viability of living in general. This includes things like the cost of living, the value of property, as well as a climate that is friendly to business, and one must not forget the security component of it, which was discussed previously.

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Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY
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