Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY

The area of Carroll Gardens, which can be found in South Brooklyn, exudes an abundance of endearing character. Today, this neighborhood, which was named for Charles Carroll, who was a signatory to the declaration of independence, is clubbed together with Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill to make up a region of Brooklyn that is commonly known as “Bococa.”

Carroll Gardens was originally settled as an Italian neighborhood, but today it is a favorite for and by young professionals and families who occupy its numerous brownstone homes. The neighborhood was originally settled by Italians back in the day but that has since changed. As much as there is a sizeable number of Italian families living here at Carroll gardens, it is now quite well balanced and people from virtually all races are represented in this lovely neighborhood.

Even though Charles Carroll never really owned any property in this area, it is known as Carroll Gardens since the majority of the brownstones that can be found here come complete with gardens. The neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Degraw Street, Hamilton Avenue, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, and the Gowanus Canal make up the boundaries of Carroll Gardens. However, the region between First Place and Fourth Place is considered to be the most desirable part of Carroll Gardens neighborhood.

In recent years, Carroll Gardens has seen a process of gradual gentrification, which has resulted in Smith Street becoming established as the primary shopping and dining drag in the neighborhood. Boutiques with a “chi-chi” aesthetic, such as Dear Fieldbinder, Bird, Lily, and Lucia, as well as fashionable lifestyle businesses, such as Andie Woo, Haskar, and Environment 337, are gradually taking the place of the classic mom-and-pop shops that used to dominate this street in years past. Carroll Gardens is well known as a popular dining destination in Brooklyn in addition to the shopping opportunities it provides. This is due to the fact that it is home to a wide variety of restaurants, some of which are more expensive than others. Some of these restaurants include Buttermilk Channel, Zaytoons, Cubana Café, the Grocery, and the Sunday brunch-time favorite, Café Luluc.

The Bergen, Carroll and Smith, and 9th street stations in Carroll Gardens are serviced by the F train, which provides a connection to Manhattan. On the other hand, the G train provides a connection to Queens from Carroll Gardens. In addition to these subway lines, Carroll Gardens is also well served by the buses that are operated by the city of Brooklyn.

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Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY
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